Inclusive Growth

Where Should Civic Leaders Focus their Economic Recovery Efforts?
Findings from a review of empirical studies of new businesses, fast-growth businesses, and sustained-growth businesses to determine which have have the most potential to promote job growth and economic inclusion.

Solving the Inclusive Growth Puzzle
Lessons learned from interviews with several dozen regional leaders on the biggest challenges they face in promoting more inclusive growth, with a particular focus on the civics of this work.

Expanding Growth and Opportunity: Findings from the Brookings-Rockefeller Project on State and Metropolitan Innovation
Lessons learned from a five-year Brookings and Rockefeller Foundation initiative, experimenting with new approaches to expanding economic growth and opportunity in 22 metropolitan regions.  Those lessons are expanded on in a series of blogs posted on this site and the site of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program:

Where Should Regional Leaders Focus Their Job Creation Efforts?
Evidence-based guidance to regional leaders on where they are likely to have the most success in creating new jobs. It draws on the latest research findings and practice across the country to identify which approaches make the biggest difference and why.

Where Should Regional Leaders Focus their Skill Development Efforts?
Guidance to regional leaders on building a demand-driven skill development system, outlining the biggest obstacles that are getting in the way.

Raising the Bar on Skill Development: Findings from the Front
Lessons learned from 10 metro regions on what's needed to build a world-class skill development system.

Linking Growth and Opportunity: Findings from the Front
Findings from a study of what's working and what's getting in the way of regional efforts to promote economic growth and economic opportunity as part of a unified strategy.

Lessons Learned from the America Works Initiative
Lessons learned from a Walmart Foundation initiative, exploring innovative approaches to linking workforce and economic development.

Building Regional Partnerships for Growth and Opportunity
Findings from a study of what regions are doing to grow their economies, where the leadership is coming from for those efforts, and how workforce issues are being addressed as part of that process.

Industry Studies

The Impact of Globalization on American Jobs
Findings from a study of how key industries are responding to global competition and the implications for job growth in the US.

Auto Industry Trends

Biotech Industry Trends

Clinical Research Industry Trends

Health Care Industry Trends

Personal Computer Industry Trends

Software Industry Trends

Telecom Industry Trends

Implementing Lean Manufacturing

FPS: the Next Generation
Lessons learned from hands-on work with auto suppliers making the transition from mass production to lean manufacturing.

A Simpler Way

Common Lean Implementation Traps

The One Percent Trap

What Happened to Performance at Monroe?

Lessons Learned from Sheldon Road

Improving Patient Care

The High Road to Lower Cost
Findings from a study of what hospitals can do to improve the quality of care and lower the costs of care at the same time.

Business Case for Better Nurse Staffing Levels

The High Road to Better Care
Findings from a study of what health care unions can do to improve patient care.

Emerging Model for Labor-Management Partnerships

St. John's Medication Administration Project

Forest Hills Patient Flow Project

WFNHP/St. Francis Hospital Project

Managing Complexity and Systems Change

Managing Through Uncharted Territory
Lessons learned from efforts to turn around a failing insurance company.

Rx for a Simpler Way
Lessons learned from transformation efforts in hospitals.

Principles for Managing Organizational Transformation

Looking for Leverage in All the Wrong Places

Managing People and Performance

The New Rules of the Game

Increasing Employee Engagement

Lessons Learned from the First Year of the Healthy Companies Measurement Network
Lessons learned from a study of what leading-edge companies are doing to unleash the full productive and creative potential of employees.

Two Paths to Employee Engagement

Does Employee Satisfaction Lead to Customer Satisfaction?

What Determines Whether Employees will be Committed or Resistant in the Face of Organizational Change?

Too Much of a Good Thing

Deriving Insight from Data